Using resources and funding to foster life improvements for at-risk youth

Interactive Intelligence created the Interactive Intelligence Foundation Corp. in 2010 as a not-for-profit charitable corporation whose main mission is to use resources and funding to foster life improvements for at-risk youth. 100% of all monetary donations go to the designated causes.

The foundation raises and distributes funds based on the following general guidelines:

  • Funds raised by the foundation are distributed to a small number of not-for-profit organizations roughly commensurate with the Interactive Intelligence employee distribution in Indiana (66%), Non-Indiana U.S. (19%), and Non-U.S. (15%).
  • Monetary distribution decisions are made one time each year by the foundation’s board of directors.
  • Special emphasis is placed on projects that promote technology education amongst the targeted at-risk youth sector.
  • At the decision of the board of directors, a portion of the foundation’s funds may be directed at times to assist world crises or natural disasters.

100% of monetary donations go to designated causes

Funds are raised by the Foundation through individual contributions, corporate donations, and fundraisers. Interactive Intelligence has agreed to fund and/or provide all administrative and management tasks associated with the Foundation, so 100% of all monetary donations are distributed to designated causes.

Requests for funds from the Interactive Intelligence Foundation are considered once every two years.